Writers discover Matinicus again, and again, and again"


"Go out and get me another "ścovered bridge'." One of my summer bakery customers, a vacationing editor, told me once that this expression is (or was) common parlance in the offices of at least one major east-coast newspaper. If a high-ranking member of the editorial staff realized that column space looked plentiful in a middle section, and a travel, human-interest, low-stress environmental, or arts -and-culture piece would neatly fill the gap, a reporter or freelancer might be dispatched to New Hampshire or Vermont or the Berkshires, sure to return with a pleasant slice of life far from the metro area. He explained how the writers all know the drill....

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Tweeting Island News


The Twitter phenomenon, and the way Twitter "connects the world" is (according to the little magazine supplement that we find in the Sunday paper) one of the past year's "Big Things." That technology, closely aligned with thinking out loud, seems hardly equal to the other major news items these days. Some Americans have been neglecting the latest in electronics communications innovation. I don't have a Facebook page, hope my same cell phone lasts for years, write lists on the backs of envelopes instead of employing a personal digital assistant, and would probably grow resentful of the stern directives of a GPS unit in my car. I do not tweet.

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The Blacksmiths of Auburn, Maine


The NESM blacksmithing/bladesmithing program defies easy categorization. Sort of a trade school, sort of an art studio, the school is a venue which brings together respect for traditional craftsmanship, artistic vision, some just-for-fun hobbies, and the satisfaction of hard work.

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Resistor: Pass it On


Doctor Bob is a stilt-walker. He puts on his multi-tailed jester's hat and becomes a clowning reveler at parades and country fairs, up on his long wooden stilt-legs. He is also a retired professor of something, one science or another, as best I can tell; his car bears the "DNA" license plate. It is from him that my family first heard the story of Lech Walesa and the Polish resistors.

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A summer fluff piece: telling our Whoopie Pie stories


The whoopie pie is a Maine tradition, but let's not get ridiculous about it

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